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An apprenticeship program is an opportunity to learn a trade. It is also
 a commitment. It can take three to five years to complete.

We offer the following three programs:

Painters: Painters prepare and paint a diverse array of surfaces in commercial, industrial and residential environments. Painters need to be skilled with a wide variety of hand and power tools, depending on the type of surface preparation and coating required. This work is both challenging and varied. More info

Traffic Control Painter: Traffic Control Painters apply and remove pavement signage and striping. The work is outside and seasonal, and requires extensive travel throughout Oregon. Hours may include working at night. More info

Drywall Finisher: Drywall Finishing is the art of preparing gypsum board walls and ceilings for specific final decoration and painting by taping and finishing the seams in sheets of drywall requiring a high degree of manual dexterity. Drywall Finishers work at floor level, on ladders, scaffolding and stilts -- generally in warm and dry conditions, but some outdoor work may also be involved. More info

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